Ross Cranwell

October 06, 2021

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Result of them has helped me and the project team to make the design review process more intuitive and more efficient. Vr gave the team the ability to interact with the future facility. We had the chance to feel like we would be in reality in the facility. You get immersed in the design and you get better grip about the actual scale of the design. You could go up and down. You got to fly. You can turn around. I was able to understand much better and much faster. What is the impact of the layout and the design of equipment or the rooms? People have not been able to use the 3D tools previously taken. It's easier for the them the spot design issues. By rotating your head, you can see what's around you and you can pay more attention to certain details. Spending half an hour with the tool, you can easily find ten issues. Spending the 30 minutes with the 2D or some other screen based 3D models, you could find one or two issues. It's speed enough basically inputs for the designers. You were really quickly able to capture issues. I would recommend resolve them to any project teams and also the facility teams for more use cases other than just design review. Resolve them is the future way of doing design review.